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beyond prop 8

well, as we all know, the CA supreme court announced yesterday that they decided to uphold prop 8 (the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage). disappointing, yes – the proposition never should have passed in the first place.

in the wake of the announcement, RaceWire – the online blog of ColorLines Magazine – posted two really amazing articles (quite bravely, i would say) challenging the assumption that we should all continue to fight endlessly for gay marriage “until the battle is won”.

i posted my own opinions about marriage back before the election.  now, in a post-prop 8 world, these two articles state my mindframe pretty damn clearly, so i thought i’d share them here (i pretty much want to just quote the whole articles, but i’ll try to limit myself.  just please go read the full articles – neither are long!).

Prop 8 is a Distraction, or: NOW can we Dump Gay Marriage as a Cause?” by Yasmin Nair

“Over the last decade or so, well-endowed gay organizations and some influential gay commentators have manipulated media attention to make the world believe that there is nothing that would make our lives happier than the attainment of gay marriage…

“We’re allowing ourselves to be distracted by the tactics of the Right and forgetting that marriage should never have been our goal to begin with. At best, the goal of marriage is a symbolic and sentimental one…

“There’s been much talk about how this ruling will now make it easier to take rights away from all minorities. This assumes, of course, that ethnic/racial identity is the only way through which people identify themselves and ignores the fact that several groups in California and elsewhere have already watched their rights being eroded. For, instance, California’s prison system is notorious for its ill treatment of prisoners. But, ah, of course, gays and lesbians have nothing to do with the prison population. Or with rights other than the right to get married and retreat into the safety of our normal lives. As we quibble about marriage, it’s easy to forget that a rise in poverty and the lack of health care means that large segments of society are already denied their rights to decent education, housing, and a sense of security about their well-being…”

I Don’t Want Marriage, I Want Equity” by Tracy Kronzak

“…the right wing coined the term “Special Rights”: giving people legal protection just because of whom they are sleeping with. I posit that marriage is the ultimate Special Right. It gives privileges, rights and protections (1100 and counting) to people based on whom they are sleeping with…

“Eliminating the legal rights and privileges associated with marriage actually gives us an amazing opportunity to build bridges between the LGBT communities and many others working for equity and justice. It gets us out of our “me-too” mentality when it comes to marriage and broadens the Queer community’s perspective to a “we-too” framework…”

Thank you RaceWire!


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