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Running for Burma, Ruckus and me!


I am running the San Francisco Half Marathon July 26, 2009 to support both Burma Humanitarian Mission, and Ruckus (the org I work for), as well as for my own physical and emotional health.

The Ruckus Connection:

One of BHM’s founders was a long-time Ruckus network member (Jeremy Paster), who unfortunately passed away in 2007 after a long fight with prostate cancer.

Although I never met Jeremy, I am glad for the opportunity to support his organization – Burma Humanitarian Mission.  I am always amazed by the work that our network members do outside of Ruckus (some of whom currently work with BHM).

The Cause: Burma Humanitarian Mission

BHM is an all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to addressing the humanitarian and healthcare crisis in Burma. They do this by training backpack medics who hike into the country to provide trauma-care and health-care for ethnic groups who are suffering under the Burmese junta’s repression.

My Personal Well-Being:

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with running since high school, and although I’ve seen the emotional and physical benefits I’ve gained from a steady running habit, I often have a hard time sticking to it when I don’t have a goal.  With this half-marathon in July, I’ve now got a goal again, and am back out there running in the mornings, releasing stress, and staying in shape!

Sponsor Me!

By sponsoring me in my half-marathon, your money will go to Burma Humanitarian Mission to help provide much needed health care in Burma’s humanitarian crisis, and a small portion will go to Ruckus – my organization – which provides tools and training to build effective movements for social and environmental justice through the use of nonviolent direct action.  Please click here to make a donation today!


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