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Lots of great things are happening right now in the Ruckus-sphere as a result of lots of hard work and prep, so I wanted to take a minute to update friends and family, as well as just acknowledge positive results, progress, and fruits of our labor! So exciting.

Before heading to my parents’ place in Wisconsin last week, I was up on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound for a week, training folks in direct action climbing as part of Ruckus’s Localize This! Action Camp.

[Check out our news coverage on Seattle’s King 5 news!  That’s me in the black demonstrating a controlled rappel;)]

It was an excellent camp, and one of the greatest things about it was the direct connection to action. The camp was formatted to help the local Vashon community prepare to stop a multinational corporation from developing a gravel mine. The trainings felt all the more impactful with the majority of participants thinking about how they were going to incorporate their new skills into upcoming action campaigns.

And then this morning some of our folks did a kickass action up in Toronto against the Royal Bank of Canada, protesting their bankrolling of the Alberta Tar Sands (through Rainforest Action Network‘s divestment campaign).

I got a text message at 5am this morning saying that the banner-action was happening, and it made my day to watch as the photos rolled in of two of the amazing women in Ruckus’s IP3 (Indigenous Peoples’ Power Project) network (one who is also a Ruckus board member) who I’d just gotten to hang out with on Vashon two weeks ago – climbing RBC headquarters’ flagpoles and unfurling the banner. (Luckily it went much better than it did in the crazy dreams I had when I drifted back off to sleep after reading the text message!)

It’s great to see results. Training in Action!

Something else I’ve been up to at Ruckus is managing the launch of our new website and blog which have both been in major need of rehaul for years now. While we had amazing folks at Tumis and Radical Designs do the design and implementation, I get to deal with the content management – I basically spent months [virtually] filing, and adding new content. We’ve still got some quirks to work out (if you find one, let me know!), but I’m super stoked to have our new site and blog up and running!

So, check out the new site, and my posts from today about the camp and action!:

my blog post: “putting training into ACTION”

more on today’s toronto action


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i could get used to this

day #4 at my parents’ house in jim falls, wi

i could get used to this…

…spiff running around care-free in my parents’ back yard, off-leash – 40 acres of quintessential rural wisconsin land.  pouncing on grasshoppers and chasing butterflies and bees.

…flannel sheets – even in the summer, my mom knows that flannel sheets really are the coziest.

…sleeping in til 8, 9, 10… waking up whenever my body feels like it.  no alarms.  no immediate sense of panic about what i have to do, what i’m late for, what i’ll never get done.

…napping on the porch swing.  enough said.

…sitting on the deck in perfect summer weather.  just sitting and being.

…slowly preparing food to share with loved ones.  no rush, no stress.  i can clean fresh green beans all afternoon.

…my parents’ endless bad ‘jokes’ and the way jess laughs every time.

…my mom sneaking spiff extra treats, like a grandma spoiling her grandkid.

…the lakes.  the rivers.  fresh water.

…the deep relief and comfort of home, and family.  admiration, respect, gratitute and love for the amazing people who raised me to become who i am.

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