bubble curtain

i finally finished knitting this curtain for our bathroom window. it’s the “bubbly curtain” pattern from mason dixon knitting.

the idea is that it’s supposed to still let light through, but everyone shouldn’t see you… the pattern concept was supposedly of champagne bubbles floating up.

i knit this with elsebeth lavold’s hempathy yarn (cotton/hemp blend), which i love, on size 6 needles.

this photo is actually kind of fake, as i’m waiting for jess to get home to move the curtain rod lower… this is actually only going to cover the lower window pane, and leave the top pane open for more light to come in.  this was partly intentional (i wanted to be done, and was trying to convince jess that this was a valid idea), and partly not (my local yarn store no longer carries this particular yarn, and i ran out – i assumed this was a sign that my idea for only covering the lower window pane was the way to go).

anyway, i think it’s pretty, and it really made me appreciate lace, even though this is a super simple pattern as far as lace goes.


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    kasha said,

    ooh – i LOVE the curtain. i’m partial to champagne too. it looks lovely. i’ve been intending to make curtains for ever and this weekend i left the splattered strawberry juice stains on the venetian blinds in the kitchen to motivate me to take them down…

  2. 2

    erin said,

    hey Megan,

    Chris sent me the link to your site… which is well done and I love the name/title. Your bubble curtains are way cool! I didn’t know you knit?!? Hope all is well with you—erin, ie: Chris’ mom

  3. 3

    Pine Desk · said,

    aluminum curtains rods are much lighter than those steel rods that we previously used ,-.

  4. 4

    Asmi said,

    Do you have a link for the pattern for the curtain? I checked the Mason Dixon Knitting website, and I couldn’t find it (even their link on Ravelry doesn’t work).


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