winter knits

it’s about time i posted some finished knitting projects, as i managed to eek out quite a few finished objects (FO’s as they’re called in the knitting blog world, i guess) this winter, and someone reading my blog may begin to wonder whether i’ve actually been doing anything for awhile now…

i may as well just admit right now, too, that nearly everything you’re about to see is made from wool.  i honestly don’t have much defense around this (being vegan) – when i started knitting 2 years ago i just kind of got excited and went out and got myself a big pile of yarn, mostly wool, mostly having no idea what i would do with it – i simply didn’t want to NOT have yarn on hand at any time my fingers might be ready to start a new project.  since then, i decided several months ago that i would go back to treating wool yarn the way i treat wool clothing (and leather, for that matter): which is to say that i will buy USED wool items or certainly make use of found free wool; but i will not buy NEW wool.  so, as that applies to yarn, i am no longer buying wool yarn; but i am excited to try re-using wool from used sweaters – i’ve been on the lookout for sweaters that i think may be a good candidate for my first attempt at unraveling and re-using the yarn, but haven’t figured out quite what to look for, or how i would begin to unravel the sweater in one string… (if anyone has tips, i’d love them! i know people do this successfully all the time…)  and in the mean time, i’ve still got a fair amount of wool yarn in my stash, so i’m using that up along the way.

so, with that out of the way, onto my finished pieces:

for the last two years, i have almost always had something on the needles in various stages, but haven’t always produced much very often.  however, my latest knit frenzy started in the beginning of november 2008, when i got excited about this A-line sweater pattern from Drops Eskimo.  however, i didn’t get very far along before i realized i needed to set it aside so i could make christmas gifts for my family members.  so this sweater began in early november, then sat aside until about dec 23 when all the gifts were finished, and then i cranked it out at my parents’ house while i was there over the holidays.

i’ve still got to find buttons for it and sew those on, so i guess it’s technically not fully finished yet (and i haven’t worn it), but here it is anyway.

another piece i started in the fall sometime and then finally put the finishing touches on over the holidays was this simple “scrunchable scarf”.  it’s a super easy pattern and creates a really pleasing, reversible, and “scrunchable”(!) scarf:

as for the christmas gifts, i made hats for my dad and brother, socks for my mom, and a little clutch pouch/wallet thingy for my sister-in-law.

dad’s hat was this “nottingham” pattern.  i’m really pleased with how it turned out, except that i wish i hadn’t used two different colored yarns (i used light and dark gray yarns held together throughout), so you could see the cable pattern more easily.

my brother’s hat was the “assymetrical cable hat” from the one skein book by leigh radford.  it has an interesting method for closing the top off – instead of decreasing for the crown, it just knits a tube and then you sew it straight across, then tack the two points together.  the pattern calls for putting a pom pom on top, which probably makes the crown less weird, but i wasn’t sure my brother would want a pom pom, so i left it without one.  i think he was weirded out by the top, though, so i owe him a pom pom to add to it now…

i was most pleased with the socks i knit for my mom – the pattern was called “mock cable socks”, and i ended up knitting them all the way up to christmas eve, because i got crunched for time; but the pattern was relatively easy (i tend to stick with simpler stuff).  i accidentally missed a mock cable here and there, so there are a couple places where the pattern gets interrupted, but leaving in mistakes is kind of my trademark at this point.

for my sister-in-law, i started out trying to knit this “knitting needle knitting bag” (although i was going to make it smaller, and not leave knitting needles in as handles) because i loved the way the “raspberry stitch” bobble texture looks, but i didn’t get very far.  embarrassingly, the pattern level says “easy”, but the k3together raspberry stitch technique was way too cumbersome for my taste.  so i searched for something else that had a fun texture similar to the raspberry stitch, and settled on this “seed stitch clutch”:

this little clutch ended up being a first for many things for me, since i had to learn how to sew a lining, then sew the lining INTO the bag, and attach a zipper – all things i had never done before.  the first lining i sewed did not fit, so i had to make a second, which worked out okay.  i found these two blog tutorials about sewing a lining and sewing a lining into a bag that were invaluable in helping me finish this project.

since christmas, i’ve started a couple other projects for myself.  i’m just about finished with the second one of these “twin rib fingerless mittens”, which is the first time i’ve sewn a thumb gusset (next i’ll have do actual full fingers).  i just have to finish the thumb on the second glove, and weave in all the yarn ends on both of them (my most dreaded task in finishing knit projects).

i also started knitting the “christine bag” using the chunky burgundy yarn i found for 50 cents at a garage sale last fall, but i ran out of yarn, and decided to try using a different color for the top 2-3 inches and handles, but i’m not happy with the way it’s turning out, so it’s on hold for now…

next up: a sweater vest for jess?!


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    Kasha said,

    how to recycle yarn from sweaters:

    LOVE the projects – you’re a knitting machine! they turned out really nice. i haven’t gotten past the first few rows of my owl sweater, but now it’s my primary craft project – so as long as facebook doesn’t get in the way…

    if you ever want to make fingerless gloves that have the mitten flap that comes over the fingers i have a wonderful pattern for those. i can show you mine, they’re super.

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