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introducing spaceman spiff!

after obsessively searching all of the bay area rescue dog websites for over a year now, jess and i finally took the leap yesterday and went meeting them in person.

we started our day visiting a house-full of senior dogs at Muttville in san francisco.  we had spent so much time on the website looking at all the dogs, we could greet each and every one by name when we arrived, since we recognized them from their profiles!  they were all adorable, and there was one named rosie whom we definitely would have taken home if we were allowed to have big dogs at our apartment, but we are not.  there was a dog named Goofy whom we were particularly interested in – he is 18 years old, has frequent “freeze” seizures, and his kidneys are failing.  despite all this he did great on the walk we took him on – he is still very much alive and kicking!

after much discussion, however, i had to admit that i personally am not ready to take care of a senior dog at this stage in my life, as much as i would love to help make an old dog’s last years his greatest.

next we were scheduled to visit a dog named blackberry through a group named rocket dog rescue, but while on the bus on the way to visit him, we discovered he had already been adopted (the foster mom tried emailing us this, but jess rarely checks her email…!).  yay for blackberry’s new home.

so, when we thought we were done for the day, we wound up heading over to lisa’s passion for pets on jackson street downtown oakland.  CA Underdog Rescue & Adoption runs adoptions out of Lisa’s every weekend, and this is where we met our new friend whom we are calling SPACEMAN SPIFF! (one of calvin’s superhero alter-egos in calvin & hobbes)

calvin-spiff1he is the cutest little thing – and so mellow – especially for being only 1-2 years old.  he has slept – nuzzled into our laps – for the majority of the last 24 hours that we’ve known him.  which is perfect for us!  it’s hard to imagine why anyone would have left this little guy in a DROP BOX at a shelter in the middle of the night.  he would have been killed if CA Underdog hadn’t come to the rescue!



jess is now making him a little spaceman spiff outfit with an old sweater of mine and fabric we’ve had lying around.  he’s such a little dog, he definitely needs a sweater to keep him warm in our cold rainy season right now.  so why not make it a spaceman spiff outfit?!  i will definitely post photos when it is done… i’m sure there will be no shortage of photos of our new little friend – who, by the way, has been sleeping in my lap with his paws stretched out on the laptop the entire time i’ve been writing this…:)


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